United Kingdom Flag.UK.TO

Welcome to the home of the Alternative Domain Name, especially created for the UK.

Free DNS provides free subdomains from .us.to, .uk.to, .fr.to and .qc.to extensions

Why a .uk.to domain name ?
  • The Logical UK Domain Name
  • The Alternative to co.uk
  • Easily Identifies with UK
  • Totally free domain name, no strings attached. If you're not happy with your domain, no problem...just choose another one.
How does UK.TO work ?
  • UK.TO is privately owned by me (Hi, my name is Chris) and is operated by freedns since december 2003.
  • Freedns allows you to register subdomains of thousands of domains, including uk.to & us.to, check their website to find out more about freedns. It's a really cool service.
  • Please note that UK.TO owner does NOT have any link to freedns. Freedns and UK.TO are independant sites. Freedns being the service provider for UK.TO, which is nothing more than a registered domain name owned privately.
It's free...so what is the catch ?
  • There is no catch. As long as freedns remains free, uk.to domains will remain free.
  • If you like their service, I do however encourage you to contribute.
  • If you think UK.TO is really cool and would like to help it, please include a link to www.uk.to on your website.
What else ?
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